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I recently picked up Beyond Two Souls.
Needless to say I am only about an hour through the game and I already have so much to say.
Leave it to Playstation to develop a game that takes the PS3 to it's limits, right when it's about to be replaced with the PS4.
The game brings you back and forth between Jodi (The main character) when she was a child and when she's an adult. It also gives you the ability to play "Aiden" (her imaginary friend, that is an entity from another dimension.) Playing as Jodi sucks (not going to lie) you're time as her is mostly walking around very slowly and trying to do things yourself, but you end up relying on Aiden anyway. Playing as Aiden however, is fun. Aiden gives you the ability of telekinesis, to move objects or possess peoples bodies.
The gameplay overall though consists of circular dots over people and objects, as you approach them button combinations will appear. This is all you do, for the entire game supposedly. It's almost like a choose your own adventure game.
The characters, are real actors, and the graphics are phenomenal (even the creases in their mouths move when they talk.) The graphics, and the storyline make this game an addicting find. I may not encourage you to buy it without trying it, but you can purchase it for $2 a day with a redbox near you.
Darian Wolfe

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