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A couple of months ago, I attended at a small, local convention named PalmCon, where I helped out a couple of my friends at their booth. When I went around, I didn't see much of notice: a small Artist Alley, a decal shop, a replica TARDIS. There was one artist that I did enjoy the work of, though.
Ursalina Aguilar is a designer and artist that seems to be based in South Florida that does abstract illustrations as well as artwork of well-known franchises. What's most notable about her artwork is her use of bright and rich artwork and somewhat varied style, based on the subject of the work. Some of her art is shown below.



While I do believe her fanart is a bit unrefined in comparison to her more abstract works, I do find her art enjoyable to look at, and she has a lot of potential.I especially like Ice Cream City, which you can buy on her Etsy store here. Her latest painting on her Instagram of a dragon and woman flying over a field and village is quite beautiful, in my opinion.

Unfortunately at PalmCon, I was a bit tight on money and only bought a small print of the Pokemon Gastly for my friend Selah, which she deeply enjoyed.

If you like Ms. Aguilar's artwork as much as I do, you can check out her work on her website, FacebookInstagram, and Etsy,  I look forward to seeing what she has in store next.

- Mara (previously Angela)

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