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Howdy, my darlings. I’m back again with another review on some sort of reading material!. Only this time, things will be a little bit different. I’m not here to tell you about a book. I’m here to tell you about a webcomic that I’ve been very into lately.

Cucumber Quest is a comic written and drawn by Gigi Digi that follows the adventures of a young bunny-boy named Cucumber and his several bunny friends. This includes characters such as Almond, Cucumber’s younger sister (and, personally, my favorite character), the noble Sir Carrot, and other great friends that they meet along the way. They all have bunny ears. It’s adorable. But I’ll gush about that a little bit later. 

The plot of the story is really interesting. Cucumber must save the world from (supposedly) certain DOOM. The evil Nightmare Knight has been resurrected, and Cucumber is the Legendary Hero who must stop not only the Nightmare Knight, but his Disaster Masters as well. I won’t go into too much detail on the plot because, I mean, you should definitely go read it and see it for yourselves, but, nevertheless, it’s great. 

Aside from the story, I’d like to talk about the style of the comic. Not just the art, but the way it is written. The way the characters talk to each other is great; there’s such a lighthearted tone. It’s very endearing and just adorable all around while still taking into account when things get serious. There are plenty of humorous moments, and the characters are very well written to accommodate the light tone. You'll meet such a wide variety of personalities along the way that have all found a way to wedge themselves into your heart in the best ways possible.

Now, I could gush for hours about how absolutely adorable the art is in this comic. The generally bright colors are very eye catching and all of the characters are just the best. All of the characters are basically bunny people. They all have bunny ears. All of them. It’s great. 

The art in general is amazing, but one thing that I really enjoyed were some pages having to do with the a few of the Disaster Masters. One in particular was specifically memorable to me. Mutemaster had the power to remove sound. And the artist, instead of just removing the dialogue from the frames, found a very interesting way to incorporate this effect into the art itself which was a thing I had never seen before. It was an amazing idea and I loved it. This doesn’t only happen with Mutemaster, but I’m not going into the other Masters who I’ve seen do this kind of thing. 

I think this is just about the end of my fangirling. I hope you enjoyed this review. I highly recommend reading Cucumber Quest. It is, however, ongoing, so the story has yet to reach a conclusion. It currently updates at least three times a week. 

If you’d like to read, which you definitely should, you can go here to start from the beginning.

Danielle, signing off!

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