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Many of these new gaming systems are throwing people in a frenzy. Some are impartial, hating the new systems geared towards being "entertainment systems" rather than "gaming systems". Others are excited for the new "entertainment factor"
Those leaning towards the older gaming systems (PS3, XBOX 360, though not really old) are torn. XBOX has agreed to still produce games for the 360 however PlayStation has said they want to phase out the PS3. PlayStation has probably lost several of their younger gamers raised on the PS2 and PS3. Gamers are no longer crazed with needing the next gaming system, but are more focused with the next installment of a game series. For instance, several Kingdom Hearts fans are annoyed at the fact that they have to buy a PS4 to play Kingdom Hearts 3 after waiting eagerly for several years. I know the only reason I have intention to buy a PS4 is for that game in particular. All I can say is thank goodness they remastered Final Fantasy X and X-2 for the PS3.
Both the PS4 and the XBOX One are not backwards compatible, a factor that seriously pisses me off. However, PlayStation thinks that it makes it better if I pop in my Virtual Fighter 5 for the PS3 into the PS4, pay ten bucks, then poof I can play Virtual Fighter 5 on my PS4 until it breaks. A lot of the people however, sell their old systems to pay for the new ones. Doesn't this mean we're missing out on gaming, a new generation is being forcibly cycled out of the classics and being sucked into the guts and glory of the newer video games... Thanks gaming company's now I can never reference Pacman or ICO to anyone under 20

-Darian Wolfe

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