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There are so many good science fiction and fantasy books that are ruined simply by the fact that they get too much attention from little boppy teenage girls. Attention isn’t necessarily a bad thing but more often than not girls push it too far. Books like Twilight, The Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries and even Game of Thrones get completely ruined by the fact that they just took it too far. None of these series’ are bad but once you hear the word “movie” or “tv show” the books start to lose their meaning.

The Twilight books weren’t all that bad but the fan girls completely kill the appreciation for the books. Twilight went from a refreshing change from classic vampires to “Oh my god he’s so hot!” or in my case “He sparkles… there’s something wrong with that.” A lot of people who could have appreciated Twilight had it ruined all by the fact that it became so popular with specific groups of people that you were immediately associated with those people if you read said books (A.K.A. fan girls).

The Hunger Games were ruined for ME personally because the hype it got just ruined any hope of mine for ever reading the books or even watching the movie for that fact. For the past two or three years, The Hunger Games had been a book that I had very much considered reading but I never quite got around to it. After that The Hunger Games got a new hype they made a movie and so many people asked me “hey did you read The Hunger Games?” it made me  REALLY not want to read the books. To this day, I still refuse to read those books. Why? Because it was ruined by teenage girls.

If a book is good and a girl actually musters up enough brain cells to read the book, good for them. But they need to stop telling everyone about it, they just ruin it. I’m not saying that girls shouldn’t get into sci fi and fantasy, but come on Shut Up about it!

-Darian Wolfe

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