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        There have been many reported sightings of a strange creature throughout the history of man.  This creature has appeared all over the world at completely random times but each appearance shares a common trait.  The creature’s malevolence has been present every time in its actions of horror.  This creature has been given many names in it’s time on our world.  It has been called “Him”, “The Operator”, “Tall man”, “Tree man”, “The Pale One”, “The White King,” and “Master.”  However he is most commonly known today by the name of Slender Man.

Slender Man appears in the form of a man in a black suit.  This on its own doesn’t seem too scary but he has no face or hair and towers well over a full grown adult. He tends to choose small children as his prey and will stalk them until he decides to lure them into the forest and bring them their untimely death.  Slender moves normally by “slender walking.”  This is where the slender Man will teleport to stalk you but only when you are not looking.  The moment you look away he will appear closer and closer without ever actually moving.  It is unsure how he does this but it is believed that slender man is a fourth dimensional being.  For this reason, it is believed that slender man is able to travel through time.  This theory is backed up by sightings of slender man in a suit in ancient times where it would not appear to wear a suit.  One of Slender’s abilities is that it camouflages itself as a person that is highly respected as society.  While today he is often depicted in a suit, it is said during medieval eras he is often shown to be a knight.  While his disguise is not perfect, it is believed it is only to not alarm his victims if he is noticed from afar while slender man is stalking.

One of Slender Man’s most dangerous abilities is his mind control.  It is debated whether he requires the person to submit their will to him before hand or not but it agreed by many people that Slender man probably does not do any of the killings or physical actions himself.  It is believed that he uses people, referred to as proxies to do his physical deeds while they are under his control.  Another one of Slender’s ability is said to be that he can change his voice to someone else for deceitful purposes.  One of Slender Man’s abilities that contradicts the non-physical theory is that it has tentacles that spawn from its back that it uses to either grab or mutilate its prey.  Slender Man also is said to have the ability to make it so that only a selective group of people can see him.

Slender man is said to have a form of pyrokinesis that it uses not kill but to torment.  When Slender Man kills its victims, it mutilates the body and normally takes organs.  It is currently unknown what it does with the mutilated organs.  A common power of slender is called “The Sickness.”  People who either have contact with the Slender or are under its influence tend to cough, bleed from their mouth, nose, or eyes, and vomit.  The sickness also causes disorientation; potential black outs, and potentially fevers.  These are common signs of Sigma Radiation poisoning.

As I wish I could prepare you with more information to counter this vile creature, this is all the information that is present.  It is unknown if there is only one or many of them around the world.  We don’t know why it acts the way it does or where it will go next.

-Brendon Green

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