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     So in case you all haven't realized, I've taken the summer to do movie reviews (without spoilers). This is mostly because I just upped my cable bill $7 a month to be able to watch the Funimation Channel. I recently did a review on Vexille and have decided to keep up my trend of odd movies. My review today is on King of Thorn, another ingenious Funimation creation as I like to call it.

     If you were raised like me, the story of Sleeping Beauty was a dream for little girls, and a cookie cutter fairy tail that made dreams come true. Grimm's tale of Sleeping Beauty got a little more violent. But Funimation's King of Thorn takes the tale to a whole new level. King of Thorn is a gruesome action filled movie with a nice resident evil flair and quirky accents on key characters. Like most Funimation creations this too started as a manga, which I have not read so I cannot judge, but am interested in reading it.

     The original reason I decided to watch this movie was the description, it occurs after the world is swept by a disease called "Medusa" which ironically enough, petrifies the body and literally turns it to stone. A group of people get selected to be cryogenicly frozen to wake up 100 years later to be free of Medusa.
This movie is certainly something else and is highly recommended  in my book if you can get past the sheer gruesomeness and craziness of the movie. This epic thriller full of tragedy, mystery and the bending of reality is well worth a try and I give it a four out of five. I have watched King of Thorn five times since the first time I saw it a month ago, and I encourage you to check it out!

- Darian Wolfe

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