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I was watching "Vexille" today and it brought some pretty crazy notions in my head.
For those of you who have never seen the movie, A highly trained U.S. secret agent attempts to investigate the changes Japan has undergone in a 10 year seclusion from the rest of the world.
Japan turns out to have created a bunch of androids to take America.
Don't worry I'm careful I won't spoil anything big, but I do suggest you go watch it for yourselves.
America is so advanced that it looks like something out of Stargate Atlantis, and I thought to myself "you know that's what the U.S. is probably gonna look like in a while longer." This seemed really cool at first, but then the movie shows Japan as a biomechanic wasteland.
When you think about it, biomechanics is not a new concept to America or Japan... Kinda got me thinking... In ten twenty years time who knows maybe Vexille could be reality.
That's the beauty of science fiction... Science is readily evolving...

Therefore it can never truly be fiction.

Darian Wolfe

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  1. Looking forward to watching this movie. Looks like fun.


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