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Three years ago TV network AMC took on "The Walking Dead." A show based on a graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman. Robert Kirkman now has a role in deciding what parts of the show run, and which one's fail. The series is based around a Sheriff named Rick Grimes who awakes from a coma to find that the world has been completely overrun by zombies. AKA the walking dead. After realizing this, he goes on a journey to Atlanta to find his wife, son, and best friend whom he eventually finds in a campsite outside Atlanta Georgia. After this happens, the series continues by Rick, his family, and the other survivors at the campsite going into the world and searching for a cure for the apocalypse as well as to find a stable hiding place. As the show goes on however, they find that every place they stay has been invaded by the dead, or what the characters refer to as "Walkers."

The greatest thing I've found about this show is that it does a fairly good job of sticking to the comics, but also adds its own flavor in the process. The problem with this is, you can't really tell what the differences are from the comics and the show if you only watch the show; or vice versa. The show started off as one issue per season, now that season three has premiered however; it's changed a bit. I've counted at least three issues in the new season alone. Although I haven't read issue six of the graphic novel series and I plan on it but the season might cover four issues. In fact, one of the highlights of season two's finale was the girl in the hood coat with the katana aka Michone; who doesn't show up until issue number four.Having said this, there have been some key scenes in the show that hadn't made it into the comic series, but were actually worth watching even though they weren't strictly written into the comics.

The thing that makes me really unhappy however is that when the "Talking Dead" (a talk show about The Walking Dead for those of you who don't know) comes on people have questions about the show but not about the comic series as well. I've often thought about asking a question, but it would have to be about the show and the comic series. For example, I've often wanted to ask Kirkman why he decided to kill of Sofia so early without building her and Carol's puppy love relationship in the show. They make a bunch of comments about how important they are to the series, but never manage to make them live long enough in the show to show how important they are. All in all The Walking Dead is a decent show with its ups and downs.

-Michael McDade

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